In Humind Labs, We Work on Emerging Technologies

Augmented Reality Virtual Reality Artificial Intelligence Fintech Blockchain

 Research Centric Startup Studio 

Current + Past Members

  • Amir Reza Asadi

    Founder of Humind Labs, HCI Researcher, Product Designer

  • Mostafa Arjmand

  • Mostafa Rezaei

  • Vahid Amiri

  • Mandana Firoozbakhsh

  • Reza Hemadi

  • Narges Amini

  • Naeem Aleahmadi

  • Elmira Mousavi

  • Mohammad Saraj

  • Hesam Mombeini

We are a research based startup studio. We try to humanize AI, AR/VR, and IoT. We help startup founders with technology innovation and product design service.

* Humind Labs was known as ThingoTeam, and is a part of Arvand Smart Development LTD


POBOX 14655-484